Have you tried to update the field using the web services?

Oct 12, 2009 at 4:23 PM

I have been trying to insert list items into a doc lib using the Copy.asmx service and I had no luck updating the value inside the custom lookup picker column.


The code is

WSCopy.FieldInformation field = new FTSyncTool.WSCopy.FieldInformation();
field.InternalName = "ows_Test_x0020_Scenario";
field.DisplayName = "Test Scenario";
field.Value = "76;#ACCOUNT 1"; //or "76";
field.Type = FTSyncTool.WSCopy.FieldType.Lookup; //or .Text //or .Number

WSCopy.FieldInformation[] fields = new FTSyncTool.WSCopy.FieldInformation[] { field };


uint result = csrv.CopyIntoItems("+", new string[] { "http://"+this.txt_ServerName.Text+"/"+this.txt_WorkspaceName.Text+"/Test/" + TestId }, fields, bytes, out results);