Remove blanks

Sep 16, 2008 at 2:15 PM
If i select to lookup on a column that only contain info in some elements in the list, the result (if i press search without specifying anything) containes many blank fields.

Is it possible to filter the result to remove blanks and only return elements that have a value in the lookup-field?

I beleive this is the default behavior on Sharepoint's own multi-lookup column.

One more thing:
If i use this on a document library and selects the option to allow miltiple selections, Word 2003 clears all values when document is saved. Single choice is OK.
The standard SharePoint Lookup allows multiple selection as long as the total string not exceeds 255 characters (Word 2003).
I had to revert to the standard lookup on one document library because of this... I would much rather use your lookup!